Total Advantage Group – Hydroproof
Mission Statement

Total Advantage Group – Hydroproof will continually provide a prompt, safe, and technically sound solution for any organisation that requires waterproofing resolutions within the building and construction industry.

Our Vision
Total Advantage Group – Hydroproof will maintain a positive imprint on society and the environment by helping to reduce clients’ impact on the surrounding environment and provide a safer workplace for staff in order to give clients the best possible outcome.

Hard Working
Our strength stems from our culture and from our people. Their passion, courage, focus on health and safety and ‘can-do’ attitude. It comes from being part of an inspirational company that pushes the boundaries, that has its own long history. We aim to contribute greater prosperity and improved well-being where we work.

Trusted Partner
We are trusted by our communities, customers and stakeholders.

Our customers can trust that the products we use and the services we offer are proven, reliable, high quality and safe. We are open to new ideas and work collaboratively with all our stakeholders.

Innovation is key to everything we do at Total Advantage Group – Hydroproof.

We are always striving to raise the standard of our products and services to ensure success for our customers. The solutions we offer are innovative and we thrive on challenge. We are proud that we get to work with some of New Zealand’s most prominent organizations; This has given us the opportunity to develop our systems and practices as environments change.

Future Focused
We look towards the future and welcome change.

Our business is here for the long term. We are always at the forefront of new developments and keep pace with emerging consumer trends.

Sustainability is core to our operations and our customers. Being future focused means ensuring there is a future to focus on. We are environmentally aware and understand the need for a cleaner planet.