Summerset at Heritage Park, Ellerslie – Building A, B and C

Dec 14, 2018

124 retirement apartment units located on Harrison Road, Ellerslie

Summerset Group Holdings

Products applied:
Nuralite 3PM torch on membrane, Sikalastic 152 and Mapelastic Smart liquid applied membranes

Sikalastic 152 liquid applied membrane to window and door reveals, total of 1,400Lm

Mapei Mapelastic Smart liquid applied membrane to balconies, total of 1,800m2

Nuralite Nuraply 3PV/3PM double layer torch on membrane on Courtyards and Penthouse decks, total of 2,200m2

Nuralite Nuraply 3PB/3PM double layer torch on membrane on balcony roofs, total of 700m2